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Real estate, real estate disputes, real estate confirmations

Unfortunately, real estates are often accompanied by disputes between the buyer and the seller. We have experience of litigating such disputes. Our priority is to seek an amicable solution that is favorable to our client - always taking into account his/her interests, legal rights and wishes.

As a member of the Consumer Disputes Board, attorney Yrjö Tyni has extensive experience in resolving construction-related disputes. Through his own construction projects, Tyni has experience and expertise in the construction industry, its policies, requirements and practices.

Criminal law

A suspect and a victim of a crime, both have the right to be assisted from the very first police hearing in the preliminary investigation. The pretrial phase is crucial to the outcome of the whole criminal process, so it makes sense to contact a lawyer at the beginning of the pretrial phase to avoid unnecessary risks and to be aware of and to protect your rights.

For suspected criminals, we ensure that the rights of the suspect are respected in both smaller and larger criminal cases. We provide you with the professional assistance you need to safeguard your legal rights and ensure that you are not left alone in the hands of the bureaucracy.

When assisting victims in criminal proceedings and ultimately in court, we competently present our clients' claims for punishment and compensation and, if necessary, guide them in the collecting of compensation.

International Private Law, Russian expertise

We also handle legal cases in the Russian language. We have extensive experience in Russia-related assignments for both companies and individuals in Finland and Russia. The office has good international connections with several law firms in Russia, the USA, Canada and also in Europe.

Typical Russian-related assignments include crossborder inheritance, divorce and litigation matters, as well as crossborder registration and sale of real estate.

Compensation for Damages

Cases involving compensation for damages always involve at least two parties and responsibilities are not necessarily clear, but require clarification by an expert.

We assist both the injured party and the person who caused the damage. We will assist you with your claim, whether it is based on a contract case, criminal case or any other case, and whether you are the injured party or the person against whom the compensation is sought.

Inheritance Law

Our firm has extensive experience in assisting our clients in legal issues relating to inheritance.

When drafting a will, we take a holistic view of the client's situation, so that we can draw up a will that is just right for you. Naturally, we also provide legal advice on inheritance tax issues.

Wills, estate inventory deed

Our firm has extensive experience in the writing of wills and testaments.

We assist with inheritance issues such as distributions and partitioning of estates, and we also act as executors and distributors of the inheritance, if requested.

Wills drawn up by lawyer Raimo E. J. Kantola

Our firm has a large number of wills drawn up by attorney Raimo E. J. Kantola, which are in the bank’s safe. A copy of the will is in the possession of the author, and in the copy it is noted that the original will is in the bank's safe.

Please contact us if you need the original will.

Child and Family Law

The role and the rights of the child play an important role in decisions and decision-making concerning the child.

Our experts handle disputes and litigation on issues such as childcare, custody, child support and court proceedings.

Labor Law

We advise and assist companies and individuals on all aspects of employment law, including negotiating the termination of employment contracts and handling disputes before the courts.

Corporate Law

We provide legal services to companies in areas such as formation of a company, shareholders' agreements, contract law, corporate restructuring, dispute settlement, litigation and bankruptcy.

Finnish Bar Association

Our firm is a member of the Finnish Bar Association. A lawyer is obliged to comply with the law and good legal practice.

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